Also Known As: Train Wreck

“Check Yourself Before You Trainwreck Yourself”

The Scoop

Trainwreck is the budweiser of Sativas. Reliable and always on point, if sometimes unspectacular. Its genetics are modest and old school, coming from Lowland Thai x Mexican Sativa x Afghani.

More About This Strain

With the emergence of many other high-powered Sativas, Trainwreck has taken a back seat. It’s considered more or less a mid-shelf bud that can be found fairly easily in bulk or in medical marijuana dispensaries. While Trainwreck is by no means the strongest Sativa around, it’s reliable and solid. Of course, when given the right conditions and care, Trainwreck can be a superlative strain.


Trainwreck comes from modest beginnings, having the unwelcome but inherent association with Thai Stick and Mexican weed, bull grown, low Trainwreck. However, the E-32 pheno of Trainwreck that you’ll see on top shelves has nothing in common with cheap brick weed.

  • An acrid yet fruity blend, with a slight hint of chile.
  • Menthol and melon combine for an intriguing, divergent blend of flavors.
  • Amber Hairs, light trichomes throughout, with a soft lime finish. Heavy Sativa structure with large calyxes and few leaves.
  • Flaky, rough to the touch towards the top, smoother at the bottom. Fairly dry and easy to break up.

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