Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel

Also Known As: Sour D

The Scoop

One of the more thought-provoking Sativas on the market today, Super Sour Diesel is a powerful offspring of Super Silver Haze and the ever-pungent  Sour Diesel. Seriously psychoactive, Super Sour D is not for late-night consumption or the faint of heart.

More About This Strain

Socially engaging, Super Sour Diesel works well for those overly inhibited individuals seeking to break the ice at social events. Whether it’s the upcoming Seattle Hempfest held in August or the Boston Freedom Rally in September – Super Sour Diesel’s taste and aroma, along with its well-balanced flavor, is sure to cultivate a whole new group of budsfriends.


Originally cultivated in the early 90s, this strain was first produced in Amsterdam by crossing Sour Diesel to the ever popular Super Silver Haze.

  • She tastes like she got sprayed by a skunk, dipped in gasoline, and coated with lemon zest. Needless to say, her flavor is intense and offers a wide spectrum of flavors. Inhaling deep, her sour smoke is reminiscent of a gasoline soaked skunk run amok. Upon exhaling, you can taste notes or sour petroleum lingering and a musty essence that endures for about 30 min after smoking.
  • Like a pungent petroleum product when cracking open the jar, Super Sour Diesel reeks like Prince William Sound after the Exxon Valdez ran aground. Snapping open one of the super crystal laden nugs, you can smell a complex blend of kerosene, citrus, and skunkish terpenes.
  • With her signature Sour Diesel phenotypes and super light green hues, Super Sour Diesel’s forest green and purple flower is loaded with translucent trichomes. In addition to offering lush colors and blinged-out crystal content, Super Soured D’s tight buds and intense terpenes create a delicate and tasty flowers.
  • Sticky, tricky, and hard to prepare by hand, Super Sour Diesel is extremely tacky thanks to her psychoactive trichomes. As a means of saving time and some valuable stash, a grinder is highly recommended for shredding her sultry calyxes.

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