Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel

Also Known As: Diesel Fuel

“The Moet of Marijuana”

The Scoop

One of the most potent Sativas ever bred, Sour Diesel is the crown and jewel of New York City strains, a lethal combination of diesel fuel that consists of 91 Chemdawg, Mass Super Skunk, and Northern Lights. Its euphoric, instantaneous high makes her a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs and an important medicinal flavor for patients with severe pain.

More About This Strain

The Moet of marijuana, Sour Diesel contains the stellar 91 Chemdawg, Mass Super Skunk, and Northern Lights. The result: a fire-y, potent Sativa unlike any other on this planet.  Many clubs serve Sour Diesel, but few have the verifiable version outside of New York City, as it’s difficult to come by. Like champagne, the difference between the cheap and the real is distinct and obvious. One hefty hit of proper Sour Diesel is akin to an entire joint of “normal weed.”


The brainchild of master New York City growers, Sour Diesel took the East Coast by storm in the 90s much like OG Kush rampaged the West Coast. Allegedly concocted when Original Diesel was unintentionally crossed with a hermied DNL (Northern Lights/Shiva x Hawaiian), her true heritage and breeding history still remains somewhat of a mystery. While many seedbanks float around Sour Diesel, it’s impossible to find in seed form today, and the real clones and cuts are heavily guarded by the East Coast. Odds are that Sour Diesel West of the Mississippi is more like an Original Diesel, NYC Diesel, or Diesel-esque strain. Because the East Coast Sour Diesel clone is one that some growers would kill to get their hands on.

  • Sour Diesel’s taste virtually mirrors its scent, equipped with powerful bursts of lemon and diesel fuel. A bowl of greens or an adequately rolled joint will give you an instant, burning sensation in your throat, like its being tickled by a bee. Except the Sour Diesel sting slowly matures into a lemonade like chill.
  • Sour Diesel is the rare strain that smells exactly like its name: lemony gasoline. Full-bodied and equipped with an almost vicious pungency, yet focused like a laser. The strain’s complex combination of burnt citrus and petroleum literally ignites one’s nose hairs.
  • Sour Diesel’s crystals shine like a diamond and its red hairs radiate like 24-carat gold. Throughout its skull, colors and trichomes pulsate, almost like there’s a continuous spotlight on the strain. Very fluffy, one gram looks like two. brief, how it looks, use chart to diversify wording.
  • Like its rival/cousin OG Kush, Sour Diesel sticks like glue. If you’re using your hands to break up Diesel, trichomes will end up in the “weed skin graveyard.” Thus, pluck it with chopsticks, and place it in a grinder. Sour Diesel, like a White Widow, can be so dank that you may want to either spliff your joints, or roll them very loosely.

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