Snow Cap Strain

Snow Cap Strain

The Scoop

Snowcap is the perfect strain for our hectic holiday season, providing that uplifting buzz for Santa’s helpers, Snowcap leaves the consumer feeling warm and relaxed – yet able to function. Inspiring creativity and empathy, Snowcap provides a euphoric state of bliss, particularly handy for those early morning Christmas chores. Truth be told, Snowcap has long been one of the more sought after strains by the legions of sativa heads out there. Offering an alert and euphoric buzz, some say Snowcap is almost like a cup of high-octane espresso. The user of this old-school strain will enjoy a sense of tranquil creativity… minus any lethargic side effects. No doubt, this is the reason this is one of the most sought after strains in the Pacific Northwest.

More About This Strain

Snowcap gets its inspired name from its snow capped shaped colas. At full maturation, the bud tips come to an exaggerated point of trichome-laced snow – resembling Colorado’s snow capped Rocky Mountains. Snowcap is extremely popular among the cerebrally inclined “Senior Stoners.” Known for its energizing effects, Snowcap is one of those go-to-strains for today’s overburden shoppers – providing inspirational shopping ideas when all else has failed.


Snowcap grows like most other Sativas; fast, tall and vigorous. Snowcap is a clone only strain from the southern California clone world and is said to have similar genes to Jack Herer and Sensi seeds NL #5 / Haze.

  • With a deep inhale of Snowcap; the consumer is hit with overtones of candy canes and the zest of lemons and limes. On the exhale, you can taste the haze influence that is crossed in to this dazzling flower. The key lime/minty taste will stay on your pallet for hours, leaving you craving more of its sweet candy-like flavonoids.
  • At first whiff, the floral scent Snowcap gives off is a mixture of peppermint, citrus, basil…and just a little bit of skunk. The flower’s scent invades the olfactory system within seconds, and can easily reek up an entire house in a matter of seconds. This strain is not for those who wish to be discreet about their medicine. The smell is one of a kind, and a must try for all connoisseurs.
  • Depending on the cultivator’s skill set, the Snowcap flower can be both dense and round, or end up light and airy. The fully mature flower produces buds that are similar in size and shape to that of tiny pinecones. When cultivated and cured correctly, the glistening flower tops created by this strain’s phenotypes were the inspiration for its brilliant name.
  • All things being equal, this strain is on the dryer side of the sticky spectrum. Even properly cured and stored Snowcap nugs are somewhat sandy and kiefy when broken up by hand; leaving the fingers free of any sticky resin.

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