Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop

Also Known As: lemon sativa, lemon

“Turned Down for What?”

The Scoop

Like your Lemon Haze, Lemon Drop represents the sour twist side of the Sativa realm. Around for decades but without defined genetics or a definitive origin, there’s little to no information about Lemon Drop available. The strain hails from somewhere on the West Coast, but there’s yet to be a veritable claim to her creation.


More About This Strain

Pucker up for her lemony twist, Lemon Drop will pick you up and give you the power to seize the day. Her energetic buzz will have you whistling and clicking your heels over big rock candy mountain.


Her home town is undefined and spans across the entire West Coast with each state staking claim. Not much is known about this older sativa, she peeks her head out from time to time showing herself briefly in shops before being claimed. She has been around for over ten years but has not really made her mark, she floats under the radar being grown by a select few. Lemon Drop flowers seems to be even harder to find today, perhaps due to the introduction of other faster flowering lemon varieties.

  • She has a sweet body that covers your tongue with a gentle embrace, Lemon Drop will leave your taste buds wet and wanting. Her sour overtones are paired with a powder sugar coating that will have you smacking your lips. Lemon Drop’s flavor embodies lemon fruit in all forms, every hit explores new citrus variations of her delicious candy odor.
  • Her citrus lemon aroma is formidable, this lemon bomb will explode in your sinuses leaving you gasping for fresh air. Her sweet and tangy scent is a clone of lemon hard candy, the zesty lemon peel twist to every whiff will cause rise to a tear in each eye.
  • Lemon Drop will draw your eyes and keep you captivated with rare qualities, each of her buds has the glowing flair of a burning star. Her unique palate is only enhanced by her plentiful globular resin glands. Each calyx is placed with equal room, their globe-like appearance separates each bud providing space for light to creep through which gives every flower a strong inner warmth. A hand full of Lemon Drop could be mistaken for a brick of gold, she has a striking appearance that will widen your eyes and stop you cold in your tracks.
  • Lemon Drop will leave your hands resistant and tacky, each piece is riddled with fragile oil glands just waiting to burst.

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