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She may not be known too well to medical marijuana states outside of Colorado–where Flo is currently riding a tidal wave of popularity–but this member of DJ Short’s lengthy catalogue and Blue Family has a strong portfolio for Sativa of the year. A surreptitious mixture of Purple Thai, Afghani, and Highland Thai, Flo typically boasts purple notes, particularly on the leaves, and carries an insane amounts of Trichome, particularly for a strain with traditional Sativa genetics in it.

More About This Strain

Fortunately, Flo has nothing to do with the rapper Flo-rida. Flo is in fact the brainchild of a DJ. A cross between Highland Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghani, it boasts a diverse portfolio flush with trichomes, calyxes (orange hairs), and a smell so smooth it could be called “Brad Pitt” Cologne. If the Flo you’ve purchased doesn’t raise the nose-hairs and wow the eye, then it’s either a flawed grow or a mislabelled cut. There simply are not many Sativa-dominant Hybrids in the game that can compare to the Flo.


DJ Short bred this girl in the late 90s. It’s won a High Times Cannabis Cup and become a staple in high-end, connoisseur grade gardens. In recent years, Flo has surged to prominence throughout medical marijuana states, Colorado in particular.

  • If you’ve ever eaten a pink and berry starburst at the same time, that’s what Flo tastes like. It’s a mouthful of rainbow, fruity flavors.
  • Flo has a distinct, vibrant, and full musk. With a touch of fruitiness, a minty after scent, and an overall rich, hashish like potency, it stands out in a lineup. When you’re driving with Flo in your whip or bringing it to the club with you, you’d be wise to double-bag that hoe. Legend has it her rich undertow is akin to a “Nepalese temple hash.”
  • Flo has a wild look to it, and you will notice different colorization in Flo every time you glance at it. Hints of purple exist in its leaves and pink tints arise as well. The buds are generally thin, particularly towards the top, and heavily coated with resin.
  • The best. Flo will be slightly on the dryer side when cured properly. Flo won’t be over the top sticky like an OG Kush, and after a few days, can be crumbled by hand relatively easy.

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