Also Known As: Chocolope Haze

“The Hottest Chocolate”

The Scoop

Chocolope rose to fame in the mainstream marijuana culture when High Times named it 2007′s Strain of the Year and plastered its beautiful headshot on their cover. Bred by DNA Genetics, Chocolope is a cross between their OG Chocolate Thai female cut and a Cannalope male cut, measuring in at a whopping 95% Sativa and 5% Indica. Needless to say, it’s a strong, uplifting Sativa containing both hazy and chocolatey qualities throughout its character.

More About This Strain

The folks at DNA combed Chocolate Thai for her finest attributes (see: CHOCOLATE), and transformed it (along with Cannalope) into one of the sweeter Sativas around. Among its many accolades, the renowned strain has been entered in Cannabis Cups and other tournaments–and always placed. Chocolope has been supported and entered into competition by legendary coffee shops like Amsterdam’s notorious Grey Area. Breeders DNA Genetics knocked this one out of the park.


DNA Genetics realized their Cannalope male was too special not to breed, and came up with the crazy idea: what if we cross a melon with a chocolate–if it works with Fondue, why not with weed? Choosing the frowned upon yet surprisingly profound breeding strain Chocolate Thai (the female part of this pairing), DNA Genetics transformed the Cannalope into a haze with a sweet Hershey Aroma and taste mixed in. The rest is Cannabis Cup history, as the strain quickly made her way from the limelight in Amsterdam all the way to California and Colorado dispensaries, where she sells for 40-45 dollars an eighth, on average.

  • Cocoa Nibs and an over-ripe Cantaloupe warm the taste buds.
  • Chocolope’s scent has rich, chocolatey qualities with a melony punch chiming in, combining for a slight hint of mintiness and an overall rich, hearty flavoring.
  • While she’s less fruity than comparable Sativa-dominant strains, she does contain plenty of a Sativa’s typical red hair or “coli.” Dark green, thin Sativa shaped leaves protrude from the stem, giving way to conal shaped, stretchy buds.
  • Like a melted chocolate bar, her trichomes and moisture stick to the wrapper. As is often the case with Hazes, she can be a nuisance to break up, and difficult to smoke in joints, particularly when right off the vine and if not dried to perfection. Grab a coffee grinder for this one.

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