Also Known As: Chiesel

“UK Cheese and NYC Diesel, combine to give a flying high hailing from both sides of the pond.”

The Scoop

Chiesel’s high yields and blissful highs express the best that this distinguished gene pool has to offer. Combing the finest aspects from UK Cheese and NYC Diesel, this Big Buddha Seeds creation has seen a sharp rise in popularity of late, partly due to its hash-making ability.

More About This Strain

Chiesel is the result of Big Buddha’s crossing the world renowned UK Cheese with Soma’s career-making strain NYC Diesel. In short, its a triumph, a delectable evolutionary step forward through which UK Cheese’s distinctive flavor is infused with the acrid diesel-y aroma of Soma’s masterpiece.


Chiesel’s parent, UK Cheese, rose out of the E fueled carnival that was the late eighties and early nineties in England. The other parent, NYC Diesel, was the fruit of Soma’s (otherwise known as the ‘ganja guru’) hard work and dedication to the craft. Click here to see what Soma’s got to say about creating feminized seeds.

  • The Diesel tends to take over once the buds are lit. Enjoy Chiesel with liquids handy as it is sure to make you cough.
  • Some describe Chiesel’s scent as a block of aged parmesan soaked in a bucket of gasoline. Other, less experienced smokers might compare it to a dead skunk. Regardless of how you see it, one can only come to enjoy Chiesel’s unique aroma after having enjoyed its effects.
  • Dull green leaves and modest trich coverage serve to highlight Chiesel’s pumpkin-orange curls.
  • Crispy, dense and easy to hold. Chiesel’s lack of resin makes it safe to handle with bare hands.

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