Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Also Known As: Marley’s Collie

“Irie Vibrations”

The Scoop

As was true with the man, the Bob Marley sativa strain is a bit of a mystery. While it provides the consumer with a contemplative pause in an otherwise hectic paced world, getting the straight scoop on this strain is somewhat convoluted.

Its mysterious and thought-provoking sativa genetics provide an introspective high; one that leaves the smoker viewing today’s problems through a slightly different lens.

More About This Strain

While Lambsbread was reportedly Bob Marley’s favorite strain for consumption, the Bob Marley strain also originates from the tiny island nation of Jamaica. Created in homage of one of their greatest national heroes.


Created an homage to the grandfather of marijuana legalization; sativa, Jamaica, Landrace.

  • Citrus, fruity…and downright enjoyable. The tropical overtones are fruity and strong, but hardly aggressive or overpowering.
  • Bob’s tropical tones hit the olfactory hard. Rich in tropical terpenes, strains like this help us understand how Bob’s famous song “Kaya” was inspired.
  • Foxtail like main coals that generally become covered in a frosting of THC encrusted trichomes. The lower branches and their flowers are generally smaller and less dense in nature.
  • Airy, light and lacking in density… Bob is is an old-school sativa more known for its flavor.

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