New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Home Growing


Earlier this month, New Hampshire Governor John Sununu vetoed a bill that would have allowed qualified medical marijuana patients to grow up to six plants in their home for medicinal use.

“This bill would bypass those public health and safety guardrails and make the job of law enforcement significantly more difficult,” Sununu said in a statement. “Furthermore, it could serve to undermine the protections we have built within the Alternative Treatment Center system by making those facilities less sustainable.”

The Governor also mentioned the “need” to limit “diversion of marijuana to the black market”. This is an excuse often used by politicians to limit medical marijuana in some way – the dreaded “diversion”. As if some legal medical cannabis making its way to the black market is so egregious that it justifies limiting access to medical cannabis for sick people.

In a state with only 5 dispensaries, it’s not hard to imagine sick people who have difficulty travelling experiencing issues getting medical marijuana. If we’re talking about compassion, one would think that their ease of obtaining medical cannabis would be more important than some people who the state doesn’t think qualifies as sick getting ahold of some marijuana that was specifically designated for those that the state does think are sick.

Furthermore, those who grow marijuana in their home are not infringing on the rights of anyone else, no matter what they are growing it for. So those people shouldn’t be criminalized, especially by hypocrite politicians who claim to be doing what is in the little guy’s best interests.

And if the Governor is so worried about the sustainability of the state’s dispensary system, then he should be advocating for more qualifying conditions to be added so more patients qualify to purchase medical marijuana. It’s a win-win. It means more dispensaries, more jobs, more sustainability for the system and more sick people getting access to a medicine that can help them.

When politicians and lawmakers decide who can have what medicine, many are going to be left out. When strangers decide what is best for your life, your quality of life will suffer. When the government tries to help you, it will often hurt you instead.

No one is being helped by the prohibition of home growing, least of all patients themselves. Lawmakers should always be striving to allow more access for patients above all other considerations.


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