Albert Walker

Albert Walker

Also Known As: AW, Albert, Fat Albert

“Laughing Gas”

The Scoop

Albert Walker was originally distributed exclusively among the roadies and fans of the Grateful dead and was a tightly held cut until the early 2000’s. Since that time it has been released to the medical marijuana community and can now be found in dispensaries throughout the state of Washington within the greater Puget sound area.

More About This Strain

Albert Walker buds embody a good time from the moment that you see them. The flower’s ripe presence and odor possess you with the soul of Albert Walker even before exhaling smoke. If you let Albert take you for a stroll you might find yourself enjoying things that you normally wouldn’t, and a little too much.


Albert Walker is a strain that has a fabled pedigree and was first circulated among the grateful dead roadies. It is said that the buds were first handed out by a man in a walker, and that is how it got its name, but no one knows for sure  where the name originated. The cut was held closely among a group of friends the early 2000’s when clones were leaked to the public. The Albert Walker clone is speculated to be a cross of Roadkill Skunk and an lanky framed Afghan, but the past of Albert Walker is muddied in mystery and uncertainty.

  • The flavors that you may find when smoking Albert Walker will remind seasoned smokers of old time classic Skunk hybrids. This is paired much more appropriately with the savory garlic -hash notes, but the Skunky warmth persists in both expressions. She leaves a taste on your palate as if you just dove face first into your jar. Her hashy and mouthwatering presence will light up your senses.
  • She has a gripping head turning funk that is indicative of dankest herbs. It is an aroma that is warm and collects in your nose, making each whiff its own experience. In some cases it can be overwhelmingly citrus, mainly consisting of Cream sickle -(?) and tangerine; but in other conditions the same plant can take on a powerful garlic-Skunk presence that can not be denied.
  • Albert Walker buds have an insane appeal to them that calls to you across the room. The bright fire-orange hairs that are highlighted by the white and crystalline background of the bracts give this sample an aura of pure dankness.
  • These dense buds are resin coated and sure to be a challenge to both your grinder and hands.

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